Experience The Fresh Convenience

Nowadays, people are faced with the impossible task of prioritizing needs in order to keep up with the hustle and bustle of modern life. A good meal requires a skilled chef. Healthy dishes beg the investment of time on nutrition study. And safe food consumption means relentlessly trying to watch over traceability, preparation schemes and whatnot.

7-Eleven Viet Nam proudly comes to your rescue by serving convenient, fresh, safely sourced and hygienically prepared foods which stay true to the Vietnamese cuisine. We aspire to empower you by minimizing your time investment while maximizing your taste bud satisfaction. At 7-Eleven, quality does not have to be at the expense of convenience.




Food materials

High quality ingredients selected from top suppliers

Japanese rice is grown and harvested in Viet Nam following the strictest quality control protocols. This short-grain, highly viscous and characteristically aromatic rice will elevate your dining experience.

Fresh vegetables sourced from certified VietGap farms are our solid pledge on farm-to-table safety and quality.

All proteins can be traced back to livestock/poultry/seafood farms.

All A-la-carte meals and Ready-to-eat meals are free of preservatives and MSGs.

Our fresh foods and proprietary beverages only use natural sweeteners (from sugar cane) to protect your health and fitness.


We work only with quality commissary partners with strict adherence to food safety practices. Our supply chain incorporates temperature control at every critical control point, from production facility, combined distribution center (CDC), to store. Temperature control is crucial to bacteria contamination prevention.


From Preservation to Logistic

We partner with reputable logistics companies implementing modern Japanese technology for highly efficient preservation and transportation of our foods. 7-Eleven is proud to be the first convenience store chain in Viet Nam to have a modern logistics system ensuring below 12-hour lead time.


All packaging items used for our food products are food-grade certified with proper government conformity certificates. Especially, 7-Eleven packaging is safely microwaveable and environmentally friendly.


Our food products are designed to have a balance of nutritions.

In addition to meat lovers’ favorites, we have an extensive collection of vegetarian and vegan dishes which not only bespeak diversity but also serve as healthy alternatives.


All 7-Eleven employees – from headquarter to store – have to go through extensive QA/QC training in order to understand and execute safe food handling practices. Additionally, all store employees participate in professional training to acquire government-issued food safety certificates.